Become a Pleasure Box Party Consultant

Want to earn money and have fun at the same time? We know — you've heard it all before — party plan is easy money.  WRONG!  It's hard work — but the rewards are worth it.

The Pleasure Box isn't a pyramid/multi-level marketing business — you earn money through your parties, not recruitment. We offer excellent commission and benefits and unlike other party plan businesses you don’t collect customer money or do deliveries — in fact, once you’ve left the party your job is done.

We won't flood an area with Consultants either so you don't have to worry about competing with other Consultants over the same market. 

There's no hidden costs (e.g. stationery) or an endless need to purchase products for your kit.  No weekly meetings either!

For more information contact Deborah on 1300 ORGASM (1300 674 276) or email us using our contact form (see Contact Us).