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Every woman's dream - a bargain AND orgasms! 

Dichroic Wrapped G-Spot by Phallix Glass
$327.00   $196.20
In stock
Shaped just like a penis, with a thrilling ‘May Day Parade’ ribbon (actually ‘dichroic’, or coloured, glass) wrapped up the side... More

Sparkling Dichroic Double Dong by Phallix Glass
$180.00   $108.00
In stock
The name makes it sound silly. Its shape makes it look like a silly sausage. But there is actually nothing silly (although plenty that’s saucy)... More

Golden Juicer Wand by Phallix Glass
$140.00   $84.00
In stock
It’s but a wee willy – just one inch in diameter – but it has a shaft of gold (24-karat). And even ten years from now, you’ll... More

Njoy Fun Wand
In stock
Harry wishes he had a wand this magical. Give it a steely gaze and send it on a sure-fire search for a G-spot. Find it’s good to go solo, and... More

Ripley Probe
$49.00   $19.00
In stock
Made from medical grade silicone by Downunder Toys

Gypsy Dazzlerz
$11.00   $7.00
In stock
You're going to love Dazzlerz stunning gypsy design in three gorgeous blues. O ne look at these and you will have anyone under your spell.... More

Bodywand Multi-Function Massager
In stock
The Hitachi Magic Wand has been long loved by women in America and Japan. And what's not to love? It's sold in department stores. It accelerates... More