Hosting a Pleasure Box Party

What does a woman have to do to get her hands on a decent sex toy these days? Gather the girls, call The Pleasure Box and be prepared to laugh 'til you cry.

The Pleasure Box believes that no woman should have to brave the bacteria-riddled fly strips and threadbare carpet of your seedy local sex shop. So our consultants come to you in well-lit lounge rooms across Australia and New Zealand.

Our parties are just for women and just hysterical. The consultant will hand around all our toys. That way, you can have your hand around the vibrating big boy butt plug, and no-one will know that you secretly want it inside. At the end of the night, fill out your order and 14-21 days later (quicker if you pay by credit card) we'll fill your letterbox any way you like it... but always in plain packaging.

A roomful of women with their hands full.

Their guards down.

And their dicks out.

It could only be a FuckerwareTM party.