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Paul and Paulina by The Fun Factory
In stock
Get yourself a worm grip on Paul and Paulina. We promise you, there's no better way to get a wriggle on. Works just like a Pearl Bird but being made...

Bedset With Chains
$189.00   $110.00
In stock

Wrist Restraints (Soft Leather)
$89.00   $49.00
In stock
You may want to clear your schedule for more than a couple of hours. Tell people you are going to be seriously tied up. Mean it. These unlined restraints...

Leather Cock Straps by Sax Leather
$22.00   $15.00
In stock
The little fella will be chomping at the bit to strain at these straps. Made by Sax Leather, these cock straps come with either 7 or 12 adjustments and...

Rude Boy 7 Speed by Rocks Off Limited
In stock
Here’s one for the boys. Like men it’s highly lovable, and you can tell him (like you always do) that this size would work just fine for...

Eclipse Penguitronic
A Harley Davidson it isn’t. But the Penguintronic is still contender for the best throbbing fat boy between two legs. Six rows of spinning metal...

Diamante Rabbit
In stock
Functions include dual directional rotation and multi speed functionality with 20 gyrating metal pearls embedded into the shaft for intense vaginal...

Water Bunny
$33.00   $19.00
A good waterproof vibrator for the price. Please note it DOESN'T have a rotating shaft. Apologies in advance for the packaging which declares you can...

Njoy Fun Wand
In stock
Harry wishes he had a wand this magical. Give it a steely gaze and send it on a sure-fire search for a G-spot. Find it’s good to go solo, and...

Ammunition For Love Bullet / RO-80mm by Rocks Off Limited
In stock
Sure, it has a name tackier than a camouflage picnic blanket. But this little number is hotter than Chris Hemsworth in Blackhat, and it will get you...
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