Ami Progressive Kegal Set by Je Joue

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Ami is Je Joue’s new progressive, three step ‘tease as you tone’ exercise set which will do just that and more. You can sit on the train counting and clenching. Or you can grab the balls by the handle and let them work your pelvic muscles for you. 

Made from medical grade silicone
100% waterproof
Ami 1: A large, soft and light weight single ball. If you’re new to Kegel exercise products or you’re out of practice, we recommend starting here. 47 grams, 36mm wide
Ami 2: A medium-sized double ball that’s still soft yet slightly heavier. Try Ami 2 if exercising with Ami 1 doesn’t challenge you enough. 78 grams, 32mm wide
Ami 3: A small, hard and heavy double ball – this is the most advanced Ami for experienced users. 106 grams, 28mm wide