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Satisfyer Pro 2

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Being professional masturbators and all, the staff at The Pleasure Box have experienced pretty much every vibrator on the market so we weren't expecting anything amazing out of a sex toy that looked like an ear thermometer from The Real Housewives of Melbourne.  

Most vibrators work by stimulating the clitoris with vibrations of different intensities and patterns.  The Satisfyer Pro 2 is different in that it feels like it's sucking the clitoris.  Yes, sucking it! See the video here. Apologies in advance for the cringe-worthy demonstration and use of words like 'love toy'. 

Easy to use with a simple press of the button to get you through the eleven levels of OMG (no-one in our office has managed to get past Level 1 and we're all very embarrassed by our lack of control).  Five minutes, six orgasms - and you want more?  It's waterproof too!

Removable/washable/replaceable cap made from silicone
USB rechargeable
12 month warranty
Made in China
Designed and developed in Germany