Pearl Birds/Rabbit/ Combined Vibrators

Finally, she thought. The One. A mover, a shaker. Like her, able to do more than two things at once. She could go on and on. She wasn’t the only one.

Eclipse Penguitronic
A Harley Davidson it isn’t. But the Penguintronic is still contender for the best throbbing fat boy between two legs. Six rows of spinning metal... More

Diamante Rabbit
In stock
Functions include dual directional rotation and multi speed functionality with 20 gyrating metal pearls embedded into the shaft for intense vaginal... More

Water Bunny
$33.00   $19.00
A good waterproof vibrator for the price. Please note it DOESN'T have a rotating shaft. Apologies in advance for the packaging which declares you can... More

Remote Control Rabbit Pearl Bird
$129.00   $49.00
In stock

Rock Chick 7 Speed by Rocks Off Limited
In stock
From the ‘why didn’t we think of that?’ closet comes a clever little device to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot. From you... More

The Thruster
In stock
Simulate the feel of real thrusting sex with this artfully sculpted rechargeable silicone vibrator. Its three speed thrusting shaft’s curvy tip... More

Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit by Evolved
In stock
The girls at The Pleasure Box prefer to call this the Orgasm Maker because our dreams tend to be about renovating, travelling and shopping.... More

Bendable Flexems Touch by Evolved Novelties
In stock
Have you ever tried to bend your lover's man bits to make them fit you better?  Trust me, they don't like it.  The Bendable Flexems... More

Dream Maker Menage A Trois by Evolved
In stock
Here's your opportunity for your own Menage A Trois without the need of a king size bed.  Named for its three separate motors which control the... More

Paul and Paulina by The Fun Factory
In stock
Get yourself a worm grip on Paul and Paulina. We promise you, there's no better way to get a wriggle on. Works just like a Pearl Bird but being made... More