Welcome to Pleasure Box

The Pleasure Box is an online sex shop unlike any other. That’s because we’re completely owned by women, completely staffed by women and completely run for women.

We feel very strongly about orgasms. And we are also very partial to a strong orgasm for ourselves. So your orgasms are safe with us. You won’t find any dodgy dildos or va-va-voomless vibrators here. Nor will we broadcast to the world that you have been shopping at ‘Dildos R Us’. Our products are delivered in plain packaging. Charges appear on your credit card statement under the name ‘Moralah’. We hate STD’s (Sleazy, Tasteless Direct mail) as much as you do, so we never pass on personal information.

Our product list may be short, but it’s also very, very sweet. Not for us an endless, joyless range of vibrators not worth the Taiwanese packaging they come encased in. Instead, every sex toy, every harness and every lubricant in The Pleasure Box has been roadtested by our consultants. These are women who love to come, so we sell only those vibrators, silicone dildos (and all other things nice) which they have come to love.

Thanks to them, you know you are buying the best quality sex toys available in Australia and New Zealand. Sex toys from companies like Kawaii, Evolved and Sax Leather — companies who know that not all plastic is fantastic.

The Pleasure Box also understands that, when it comes to orgasms, seeing a toy in an online sex shop is not necessarily achieving. So we invented Fuckerware™ sex toy parties. Gather your favourite women and we bring the sex toys to you. Touch them, laugh at them, even turn them on (the sex toys, that is!). Then, a few days later when your Pleasure Box order arrives, the passion party truly begins!

Women all around Australia and New Zealand sign up for our Fuckerware™ sex toy parties, have a Girl's Night In, or shop for quality sex toys in our online shop because there is nowhere better for women to go. And absolutely no better way to come.