Sexy gags, masks and blindfolds  

Fun fact: keeping your eyes closed during one-on-one action only intensifies pleasure. When that pleasure becomes incredibly intense, it’s hard to keep from crying out. That’s where gags come in. We happen to have a full selection of sizzling items for both your eyes and mouth - which can be used together or separately.

These aren’t just make-do scraps of cloth. They’re purpose-built props that perform as well as your dream partner does. No significant sight or sound will be allowed in or out while you gasp and moan with enjoyment. That’s good news for you screamers, because you can finally let loose as waves of bliss wash over you.

Scintillate the senses and intensify your play now. You’ll be grateful for the release.

Satin and lace blindfolds aren’t luxury items in our books 

If your favourite lingerie is made of satin and lace, you’ll easily find a blindfold to match. These gorgeous designs feel luxurious on the skin and look absolutely fabulous on you, which is one reason why we adore them.

What’s the other, you ask? Well, the fact that they’re fitted for feminine faces and  therefore won’t let you sneak a peek at what your partner’s doing - which is more beneficial than you might think.

Trying new things out without feeling self-conscious is one benefit that comes to mind. You won’t see your lover’s reactions during play, which makes it feel like they don’t see yours, when in fact, they’re revelling in watching you writhe and moan under their touch. It’s the perfect way to gain confidence and get wild - all while looking super chic and sultry.

We even stock a whole range of colours, so you can mix things up and match them with your lingerie. Sets don’t have to be restricted to matching bras and panties, you know. Choose from black, pink, purple, and more - you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Buy chic ball gags and blindfolds online 

If you want to bite down on something substantial while you moan, Pleasure Box has just the gag for you. Like our eye coverings, these pieces are purpose-made and stocked to fulfil all your sexual fantasies. Or should we say, stocking to stifle the ecstasy of your fantasies playing out.

Picked out from a pool of prime products, these pieces are the best of the best - but if you were to judge purely by price, you might not believe it.

Order yours today and feel the high-quality make for yourself. Better yet, pair with one of our lacy,  satin-lined numbers and treat your eyes and mouth to purrrrrfection.