About Us

A woman should only ever do what she really likes for a living. For Deb Avery, it took the untimely and traumatic death of yet-another-dodgy-vibrator to discover what she liked best. She liked orgasms, damn it. And she would not be denied. In 1999, the Canberra lass took matters, and a whole swathe of sex toys, into her own hands. The Pleasure Box was born.

Now, Deb’s vision for a satisfied population of women is well underway. With the help of her all-female team of Pleasure Box Consultants, she has brought great sex toys back to where they truly belong. The loungerooms (and bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways…) of Australia and New Zealand. Wherever you are, rest assured. Pleasure Box Consultants, like great orgasms, are never far away.

We road test all products (hard work, but someone has to do it). We believe our customers should be the ones with the knowing wink, not their toys. If it is going to disintegrate, come to a screaming halt before you do, or disappoint, then we simply won’t stock it.

Many products come with lifetime guarantees. Longer than any from your washing machine company. So please, come down from there. You’ll find far more Pleasure in our Box than on the spin cycle. And every informative, hysterical and appealing thing on offer at our Fuckerware parties is also available online.

Unlike other adult party plan businesses who promote themselves as being run by women, we really are — the only cocks involved with The Pleasure Box are the ones we sell in boxes! Not that we have anything against cocks — some of us really, really like them…

PO Box 406
Toll free: 1300 674 276 (1300 ORGASM)
ABN: 34 983 623 057

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