We females understand each other. We’ve got bodies that sync up and sing when the right spot is tickled. Naturally, we couldn’t keep the delightful discoveries all to ourselves. So we founded Pleasure Box to give you the very best for your playtime. Whatever your body craves, we’re sure that you’ll find the right tools to stimulate you to very, very, strong orgasmic heights. You deserve it, lady.


Find your favourite female sex toys online 

Finding what makes you tick can be hard enough without the added hunt for the right accessories. We make it easy to find both high-quality ladies’ sex toys online, and high-quality orgasms. The two come together, wrapped in our plain privacy-loving packaging so you can enjoy your products in saucy secrecy. From purchase to parcel delivery, we’ve got all your needs covered.


This groundwork is exactly the gift you need to unleash your sexuality with safety and freedom. Pleasure Box is your perfect place for your private passions – explore our range to find yours.


We stay on top of the latest advancements 

The latest adult female sex toys are so full of fun, we just can’t get enough of them. With endless competition, the companies that design and manufacture these magnificent objects of pleasure are constantly finding new ways to make magic happen with brilliance and buzz. That only makes the extra spice even more nice – and we like to give you all the gadgets and ecstasy-generating gizmos that make us gush with dreamy delight.


Boring is never in our box, and you won’t find anything remotely near it here. Just everything from remote-controlled options to classic favourites that you can rely on, every time.


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