Urge - Hot Secrets For Great Sex by Dr Gabrielle Morrissey PHD

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A lively rejacket of the snappy, smart, sassy infotainment sex manual geared to sexually savvy adults. Using her own expertise, as well as interviews from a wide variety of people, Dr Gabrielle Morrissey takes a sneaky peek into our collective bedrooms and reveals all. From saucy to sacred, kinky to kittenish, nice to naughty, lusty to loving, Urge covers cosmic sex, multiple orgasms (for men and women), the best sexual positions, 'sexperimenting', fantasies, alfresco sex, one-night stands, celibacy, sexual taboos and so much more. Every sexual topic is boldly bared. Packed with window-steaming, sheet-sizzling insights, secrets, tips, reflections and advice, Urge is straight-talking S-E-X in depth and detail.

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