It’s no secret that guys love to orgasm as much as women. While they might be used to the standard avenue or orgasmic outlets, the rear can be an even more incredible experience.


Our anal toys are made to tickle that spot, reaching up his butt to all the right places, where he’ll be sure to cum like never before. We may be a store run for women, by women, but believe us, your man will love our range.


With only the bery best in anal toys for him, the freedom to play in private is all yours. We make sure that our products pass our ASS (Authenticity, Safety, and Stimulation) test, so your play is free to roam wherever your mind (and toys) wander.


Pair and prepare with the right tools 

There’s an art for anal play, and lube is definitely the base of the canvas. Your toys will literally go the extra mile with this essential ingredient, so make sure to add it into your basket.


We’ve got you covered with the perfect products to pair your toys with for the ultimate playtime experience. Convenience is a factor, after all.  That’s why we deliver our products directly and discreetly to your front door – you can take it out the back from there.